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"My favourite moment on set was probably the scene, we literally filmed this super fast, the scene where we are on the boat docks and it’s raining and we’re on the skateboards and stuff. […] We just had this skateboard and they told us to do something stupid. So we reenacted Titanic on a skateboard. I was like Rose and Jamie was like Jack. It was so weird. It was just typical Jamie and I doing stupid things. That was probably my favourite moment.”

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Kristen Stewart , Juliette Binoche & Chloe Grace Moretz - Clouds of Sils Mara Premiere on Cannes , 2014

Chloë Grace Moretz In ‘Superstar Beauty’ By Patrick Demarchelier For… ❤ liked on Polyvore

Chloe Moretz at the MTV Video Music Awards

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罪人 + 情人

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One slipper remained… by ~DisneyLizzi

I’m even kidding when I say I would be an awesome Disney Princess

Dear richkidsofinstagram,

         Please feel free to call upon my services if you need help with disposing of old clothes, phones (I’m in need of a new iphone), cars, yachts or any other objects that no longer hold value to you. 

Also if you are ever in need of an extra person for say a laser tag team, bowling team, yacht club member, or any other activity (I am bunches of fun at the beach) I would be more than happy to help you out with that also. 

Do not worry about inconveniencing me, the act of charity is payment enough. 


A true friend

p.s. skills may be requested upon inquiry - they include but are not limited to:

- sarcastic/witty remarks 

- self deprecating humor

- a decent Christopher Walken, Elmer Fudd, Lion from Wizard of Oz,  and Tasmanian Devil impression